#3 Security Hinge

The Daro #3 hinge is a variation on our 527 series formed butt hinge. Manufactured from 1/4″ steel with a 1/2″ diameter pin that is welded and ground smooth at both ends. It incorporates oil impregnated bronze washers between the knuckles. The #3 hinge is available in a variety of configurations. Please contact us for more information.

#5 Detention Hinge

The Daro #5 prison hinges have a blind pin hole and a hardened 3/4″ diameter pin for added security. It is constructed of welded & machined components allowing for more flexibility in design possibilities without sacrificing strength. The Daro #5 hinge has an excellent appearance and precise fit. The #5 hinge holds doors up to 2000 pounds. Please contact us for more information.