Butt Hinges

Daro Hinges offers numerous options in butt hinges. Our Formed Butt Hinges are an economical choice for loads under 500 pounds. Made on a press, the knuckles are reamed and milled for a tight fit and smooth operation. The High Load Butt Hinges are for applications greater than 500 pounds. Fully machined and welded, manufactured to close tolerances, the high load butt hinges provide a highly precision hinge. Both styles are offered in several material options and bearing configurations. Please determine what type hinge you need and bearing configuration you prefer and click the links to see more details and sizes offered.

Plain Bearing are general purpose hinges for applications with low to moderate usage.

Bronze Bearing are ideal for outdoor use or harsh environments.

Ball Bearing are best suited for indoor use, high frequency, and or doors with closers.

Formed & High Load

Formed Butt Hinge

Capacity: Less than 500 lbs.

High Load Butt Hinge

Capacity: Greater than 500 lbs.