Engineering Data

The following information is provided to help in choosing the correct hinge. In most cases we prefer to spec the hinge for your application. Therefore a limited amount of information is provided.

Determine the Correct Hand of a Hinge.

Standing inside the doorway with your back against the jamb that the door will be mounted to. If the door swings to your right, it is a right hand door. If the door swings to your left it is a left hand door.


Where capacities are listed, an approximate “Nominal Capacity” is indicated which correlates to the weight of the door. We list capacities primarily for comparison only. True capacity for a given hinge varies with each application due to variables such as: Door Width to Door Height Ratio, Load Distribution, Alignment of Hinges, Environment of Installation, Frequency of Use and Other Factors. HINGE CAPACITIES ARE NOT ADDITIVE: FOR EXAMPLE: THREE OR FOUR HINGES RATED AT 1000 LB. WOULD NOT BE SAFE FOR A 2000 LB. DOOR.

Types of Pins Available