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    Contact Information
    Daro Hinges
    4099 White Bear Parkway
    White Bear Lake, MN  55110
    Phone: 651-483-2798
    Toll Free: 877-865-4154
    Fax: 651-483-9221
    Uses For Daro Hinges
    • Radiation Shielding Applications
    • Vacuum Chambers
    • Security & Detention Systems
    • Prison Hinges
    • Sound Attenuation Applications
    • Industrial Applications
    • Furnaces
    • Amusement Parks
    • Zoo's
    • Foam Molds
    • Gates
    • Barns
    • Military and Government Applications
    Welcome to Daro Hinges

    Daro Hinges specializes in manufacturing Heavy Duty Hinges.  Our hinges are rated for loads starting at 200 pounds and up.  We have manufactured large hinges to hold over 100,000 pounds!  We can supply hinges in a variety of metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or alloy steels.  Please note we don't offer continuous or piano hinges.

    Adjustable Hinges

    Adjustable Hinge

    The 654 series high load adjustable hinge is a surface mounted, full bearing, hinge manufactured by welding and machining These...

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    Butt Hinges 

    Butt Hinge

    Daro Hinges offers numerous options in butt hinges.  Our Formed Butt Hinges are an economical choice for loads under 500...

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    Barrel Hinges

    Barrel Hinge 

    The 610 series barrel hinge is a weld on, bronze & ball bearing, hinge manufactured by welding and machining.  These hinges are...

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    Cam-Lift Hinges 

    Cam-Lift Hinge

    Daro Hinges can manufacture a wide variety of cam-lift hinges from mortised architectural hinges to extremely...

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    Gate Hinges

    Gate Hinge

    The 607 series gate hinge is a weld on, bronze & ball bearing, hinge manufactured by welding and machining.  These hinges...

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    Lift-Off Hinges 

    Lift-Off Hinge

    Daro Hinges can manufacture many sizes of liftoff hinges.  Liftoff hinges are ideal for special applications where the door...

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    Security Hinges 

    Security Hinge

    The Daro #3 hinge is a variation on our 527 series formed butt hinge. Manufactured from 1/4" steel with a 1/2" diameter pin...

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    Strap Hinges

    Strap Hinge

    Daro Hinges manufactures two types of strap hinges (T Hinges).  For loads under 500 pounds the Formed Strap...

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