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    Contact Information
    Daro Hinges
    4099 White Bear Parkway
    White Bear Lake, MN  55110
    Phone: 651-483-2798
    Toll Free: 877-865-4154
    Fax: 651-483-9221
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you stock hinges?

    • No - 95% of our hinges are made to order.  With so many models and types we can't stock any one hinge that will suit every need.

    What is your typical lead-time?

    • Generally we require 4-6 weeks depending on time of order.

    Can four hinges rated at 250 pounds each hold a 1,000 pound door?

    • No - hinge ratings aren't additive.  For a 1,000 pound door you would need a minimum of 2 hinges rated at 1,000 pounds each.

    What is the most economical hinge made by Daro (least expensive)?

    • The formed hinge is typically 1/5 the price of a welded & machined hinge.  The formed hinges do not have as great a capacity and will not work in many applications.  Please consult with Daro for more information.

    Where can I buy your hinges?

    • Currently we do not have any manufactures representatives or distributors.  You can only purchase our hinges directly through Daro Industries by calling 1-877-865-4154.  Or email us at sales@daro-ind.com

    How many hinges do I need?

    • A general rule of thumb is one hinge per every 30 inches of door height with a typical 3’0” x 7’0” door.  This is generally not the case with a larger industrial door.  Please contact Daro Hinges with your requirements for a determination on what will work best for your application.