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High Load Strap Hinges

Capable of holding loads greater than 500 pounds, these strap hinges are fully machined and welded. They are manufactured to close tolerances provide an extremely precision hinge.

The 667 series high load strap hinge is a surface mounted, bronze bearing hinge manufactured by welding and machining. These hinges are designed for outdoor and harsh environments. The pin is stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Bearings consist of two bronze thrust washers and two bronze sleeves for reduced friction. Oil fittings come standard to allow preventative maintenance. These hinges can be mounted by welding or predrilled mounting holes can be added.




Part# Material  A  BxC  DxE  F  G  Weight  Capacity
667512  Mild Steel  3/8  6x2-1/2  2x12  1-1/2  7/8  7.2  950
667512SS  Stainless  3/8  6x2-1/2  2x12  1-1/2  7/8  7.2  950
667514  Mild Steel  3/8  7x3-1/2  2-1/2x18  1-1/2  7/8  10.9  1100
667514SS  Stainless  3/8  7x3-1/2


 1-1/2  7/8  10.9  1100
667616  Mild Steel  1/2  8x3-1/2  3x24  1-3/4  1  18.2  1500
667616SS  Stainless  1/2  8x3-1/2  3x24  1-3/4  1  18.2  1500
667620  Mild Steel  1/2  10x4-1/2  4x30  2  1-1/8  31.8  1800
 Stainless  1/2  10x4-1/2  4x30  2  1-1/8  31.8  1800


  • Dimensions in inches. Weights and capacities in pounds.
  • Capacities correlate to the weight of the door only and assume a minimum of two hinges per door. Capacities aren't additive.
  • Custom sizes available upon request.
  • Unless otherwise specified, quotes will be based on Standard features below


 Item  Standard Features
 Pin Material  Stainless Steel
 Hinge Material  * See Table *
 Pin Style  Semi Removable
 Mounting Surface  Surface Mounted
 Mounting Holes  None, Weld On
 Hand  Interchangeable
 Finish  None
 Thrust Bearings  Oilite Bronze Washers
 Radial Bearings  Oilite Sleeves
 Lube Fitting  Oil Fitting


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